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      Wayne Loeber

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The Harmon is sold and work has begun on the F1 Rocket



Throttle quadrant

What a great looking canopy




Great Picture on Wayne's  wall


Doing some fitting on fiber glass wing tips

More work on the wings

Hi Larry

Engine arrived today, it sure is pretty

Nice, 300+ HP IO-540

I want this in my RV-10

Up on the gear

Larry back working on wing

Wayne working on Air Plenum

May 6, 2004
Getting ready to paint inside of cockpit

May 6, 2004

May 6, 2004


May 10, 2004

New Tail Design and external battery box design.

I think if I had seen this airplane before buying the RV7 I would have wanted it. What a beautiful airplane with that long nose and big shiny spinner, 300HP I hear, The Rocket is such a great looking airplane, and it has tremendous performance.
Wayne has done a superb job of building this aircraft.
Wayne on May 24, 2002 about to depart
I went out on the edge of the strip in front on Boyd's hanger which is not that far from the end of the runway. This is Wayne as he went by. Man that airplane climbs like a homesick angel
Here is an awesome shot of that beautiful spinner and front cowl of the Aircraft.